Merry happy christmahanakwanzika festivus TAY! My name is RerTV, and if you’re reading this, then oh joy upon joys you’re participating in the TAY Secret Santa 2015 Gift Exchange, thank you! I can tell you from participating last year it’s loads of fun, and gives you all the warm fuzzy feels.

Let me give you an idea of things I like:

  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Paper Mario!
  • Any Zelda Series!
  • Level 5 Games! Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Fantasy Life, etc.
  • Phoenix Wright! Ace Attorney!
  • General stuff to put on my desk that’s nerdy. Plushies, action figures, signs, pictures, idols, etc. S’all cool in my book.

Shirt Size: Men’s Large

Sweatshirt Size: Men’s Large

Gaming Systems: 3DSXL (Not “N3W”), GameCube, Wii, every GameBoy, Playstations 2 & 3, Gaming PC

In general I love RPGs and Strategy Games, but please don’t feel pressured to buy me an actual game, remember that $25 limit ;). I promise I’ll enjoy whatever you come up with, and if money is tight then just a letter or delicious food is fine too!

Again thanks for participating, I hope you enjoy your gift too!

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